Grief is a hard thing

It’s horrible. She was my only love :frowning:


So sorry for your loss and this dreadful situation we have all found ourselves in.
Keep posting whenever you need to. This site has been a lifeline to me and I don’t ever do social media.
Sending love and strength


I agree @jody , it’s funny how I’m not on not on social media, but this site is something else and is my go-to for support.
So sorry, @Shiraz that you find yourself here. Read, digest and post, we all help one another.


So sorry for your loss.

I agree with @jody and @SadGirlfriend

This site is a lifeline. Its helped me through some really dark times

I too don’t do social media, I’m afraid I wouldn’t know how to.

You’ll find everyone on here will listen and we all understand because we’re all going through the same horrendous grief.
Please keep posting, we’ll all help each other through.

Sending love and hugs x

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Thanks. :smiling_face:

So sorry you’re here @Shiraz
We all feel the same as you - we have some better days and some awful ones but hopefully you can find some comfort in knowing you are not alone in this journey we all have to take.
Keep checking in here - it is a place where you can be honest and open and you never get judged.
Sending strength to you xx

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