Grief is heartbreaking consumes day night all the time

I am finding it impossible to not think about them day and night just heart broken

@Steel1 . Despite your not saying who it is that leaves you heartbroken, lm sure you will find someone who knows exactly what you’re feeling. We here all know the pain, the crying anguish, so just reach out and we will be here for you.
Sending hugs and love. take care x

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Thank you so much last year I lost my best friend and then another friend who i absolutely adored and miss them both so much i can’t stop thinking of them and the what ifs. I really appreciate your kindness lots of love to you it’s so hard im sorry for your pain very lonely place to be in i just don’t really understand any of this x

I just cry and feel in so much pain i even talk and to get comfort talk to them i handled things badly with been so angry looking in Facebook seeing both there pictures just feels likeba living nightmare both young 30s so yes it’s hard painful and never got to say goodbye :sob: i think going to ny friends grave sides was the most difficult and painful thing ive endured i am sorry for anyone feeling this its just anguish to feel a hug or msg them feels like a living hell x