Grief Is My Companion (Poem by Kelly Roper)

Grief is my companion,
It takes me by the hand,
And walks along beside me
in a dark and barren land.
How long will this lonesome journey last,
How much more can my weary heart bear?
Since your death, I’ve been lost in the fog,
Too burdened with sorrow and care.
People tell me my sadness will fade,
And my tears will reach their end.
Grief and I must complete our journey,
And then maybe I’ll find happiness again.


Nice poem,thank you.

I try to think of the tears as just her finding her way back to me. The closest we can be now in the strength of feeling that brings the tears


Thank you Willowman. So sorry for the loss of your beloved wife.
It just doesn’t get any easier does it?
It’s 36 weeks today for me, and not a day has gone by that I haven’t cried.
I feel so drained.


Hi @sad2.

Your poem reminded me of a similar one posted a while back:

I have a new companion.
It is my grief.
My companion is no longer within me.
It used to define my affect and effect my every perception of the world.
My companion is now next to me, accompanying me on my journey through life.
It is with me wherever I go.
It is with me while I live my life alone.
It is with me when I do my errands, and when I return home.
It is with me when I am with family and friends.
My companion no longer cries with its gut wrenching, soulful, woeful voice.
It is quieter, still present, and now uses a softer voice.
There, like a familiar companion, with me.
It no longer haunts.
It no longer causes excruciating pain.
It no longer renders me incapable of living my life.
It is just with me.
Quietly present.
Ever present.
I am mindful of it in the mundane day-to-day living when I feel my aloneness.
I am mindful of it in the darkness and quiet of the night when I am awake and feeling my aloneness.
My companion… no longer steals my laughter, and no longer deters me from moving forward.
My companion enables me to hold onto the past while I live in the present.
My grief.
My new companion.
I have a new companion


5 weeks for me. A long road ahead :slight_smile:
Yeh,I try and keep,the crying to myself but bring it out when I feel it build up.


That is so lovely. Thank you Krazy_Kate for making me aware of it. I’ve not see it before.


It just feels like a never ending road full of heartache and pain.


Lovely poem. It does feel like the days get harder and some days grieving is emotionally and physically draining.
Big hugs to you Sad2
Amy xx

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Thank you Amy.
Yes, it is draining, I just wonder if I’ll ever get back to some sort of normality without him.
It still just feels like a nightmare.
A big hug to you too xx

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What a lovely poem and so true now as time goes on

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What beautiful poems and so very true. Goodness knows how many people we pass every day feeling the same as us
Seeing couples holding hands, chatting in pubs and cafes and even when writing a card and having to sign off without his name are all painful right now