Grief is selfish.

I am very lucky, there were four of us sharing the same office, I had to retire in 1987 for health reasons, yet the 4 of us have stuck together for all these years. We ring each other regularly and we keep in touch. I am not smug, just very lucky x x x x


Hi Meebee, No worries, you did not moan. We are all here to listen to each other. Your" friend" sounds a lot like my ex-friend. Both my late sister & I were there for my ex-friend when her mum died., and after. I also supported her through her job losses, personal problems, and anything else a good friend would do. Not only did she offend me with her insensitivity when my mum passed, but then never contacted me when I suffered the next devastating loss of my younger sister. I think I would cross the street if I ever came upon her walking my way.
XxxTake care.

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Hi Sister2.
Sometimes that is probably best. The crossing the street thing I mean. I do hope that you have other good people in your life right now. Take care.and know that even though I am just a wee voice out in the wilds of the internet someone is thinking of you and hoping that you are doing okay. Or at least as well as you can be at the moment…

Hi Meebee, Your “Wee Voice” speaks volumes of kindness. Thank you.
Xxx Take care

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