Grief kind space

Does anyone know if there’s a drop in or grief kind space near Durham as need human or friendly contact, thank you

Hello @Caz12,

You can see where our Grief Kind spaces are by visiting this page. I’m afraid that we don’t have any in Durham at the moment, but do keep checking back as we may do in the future. The nearest ones to you would be in Leeds.

You might want to check out the AtALoss website. It is a directory of bereavement support, including support groups. If you click this link then select your region, you can see what bereavement support is available in your area.

Your council’s website should also have information on local bereavement support. If you search for “your council name + bereavement”, you can find your council bereavement support page.

I hope this is helpful - take good care,


There was a post on here yesterday asking people from Durham and North east to get together for a meet up. I think the title is North east support xx

I just wish there was one near me in Essex as I really would like this kind of support now. x

We have a group that meet up in Durham if you message me I’ll send details :+1: