Grief lasts forever

I saw this today & it truly resonated with me. I posted on my Facebook this message to go with it & I do find as time goes on people think, not necessarily you’ve moved on but you don’t want to be reminded. It couldn’t be further from the truth I always want to talk about my Derek, not in a sad way, but certain things will always spark a memory, not just for you but for others. I don’t want to ever feel that I or they can’t talk about him, he brought so much joy to our lives, it will last forever :heart:Xxx! !


Love this and agree with everything you say. I am finding now that some people don’t talk about mark much now. I have friends, a couple who live on our street who we went out with and holidayed with who are the opposite which is great. If we are out they talk about him a lot and when things happen say things like ‘mark would have loved this’ or ‘mark would be saying ……’. It’s good for him to be acknowledged and not forgotten about.


I’ve always talked about my husband,I find it helps, my sons are pretty good,and listen to me when I’m having a bad day. But people think oh it’s 14 months you must be alright, I suppose I always put on this front that says I’m coping, but on the days the dark days,it’s very difficult to smile,my 2 sister’s both lost their husbands so know exactly what I’m going I say talk about your loved one it helps.


15 months on I always talk about my husband to. The family often talk about dad, grandad. He could be very mischievous and naughty and we often laugh about the antics he got up to. Alot of people where I work and around the town where we live were used to seeing him out and about and knew him well. He would chat to anyone so I’m always glad when people stop and talk to me about him.