Grief not coping on my own.

I have not spoken to anybody in 3 days all I want to do is sleep I am in bed by 7.30. I have this overwhelming tiredness I have to force myself to get up every morning and face another day of being alone. And then it hits me again can’t call mum and dad because they are not there and then I break down again kate88.


Please Kate, contact your GP if only by phone. They should be able to help you one way or another.

I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad, grief is relentless and emotionally exhausting, it’s part of the grief to feel so wretched and in despair but do you have any family that you can reach out to or friends because from my experience I’ve learnt to ask for help, it’s so devastating and everything is gone and I think people generally want to help but don’t know how to, take little steps each day even if it’s just getting out of bed and I agree if you think it’s beyond being able to manage seek professional help, my husband died seven months ago and I’m still struggling but it helps to know that others feel the same, sending love and hugs xx

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I totally understand the heartache. I lost my Mum. My best friend. My world. Feel like no one understands my devastation. I try to paint face but it sooo hard. J

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Hi Kate,

I am so sorry to hear of how devastated and lonely you sound.
It resonates with me so much as the first 3-4 weeks after I lost my mum (my dad died 8 years ago and my auntie 20 months ago) I couldn’t get up in the morning as I wasn’t fit for work so literally had no point. The smallest of jobs like feeding the cat and rabbits exhausted me. Couldn’t eat or think straight and literally for days saw no one.

Still only 8 weeks after my loss and think of my mum every second of the day and some days I just sit and howl but I am having more ‘better’ days but the exhaustion is still there.

Hopefully your ‘better’ days will come soon.

Do you have some friends or family close by that you could lean on so you are not on your own for so long? Even if it someone you can phone?
Do you have any hobbies/interests that you could focus on even for 5 mins?

I am so sorry you (and everyone else) are here but the positive thing is we can all relate and are here for you.

Suzanne x

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I feel so lonely and not coping with anxiety. I wake up with it every morning with it. I have decided to get a routine. I took smudge for a longer walk and I have don ten minutes of gentle exercise. I feel a little better. I am finding the more I sit Dylan the more anxious I become. I will keep you updated x

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Hi nel yes I think you’re right I’ve joined the gym and I try to have one thing every day just to break it up a bit wether it’s coffee with a friend or a Pilates class, I was terrified of going back to the gym but now am pleased, only gentle exercise but it helps me sleep too, it’s so hard being on your own, my anxiety is a bit better but if there’s any problem I’m off like a shot to keep away from the drama, our dog was bitten by another dog a few days ago nearly sent me over the edge I could always cope with almost anything before but not now I’m a different me, I found Megan Devine book it’s ok not to be ok really good it helped me understand more about how we change hope your day is bearable hugs xx