Grief of mum

Mum passed away in Sue Ryders neurological care home in August 2020. I think about mum everyday. It still doesn’t seem real. I miss going to see my mum at the home and seeing the staff.
It feels strange
Went back to work the beginning of November 2020. I’m a staff nurse working on ICU and I’ve literally just had to get on with things and feel like I’ve shut my emotions and thoughts away.

Sending you lots of strength @vanex018. It’s understandable to hear that your mum is often on your mind everyday. Losing those that are closest to us is the hardest thing to go through, I can really hear how much your mum means to you.

You’ve been really brave opening up to us about how you’re feeling. It sounds tough going back to work, particularly with your line of work caring for others. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had to close of your feelings. How have you been finding it going back to work? Do you feel you’re able to get much support from them?