Grief poetry

Crumble and apple pie

The delicious smells woft through the kitchen

My favourite time of day

Walking down the stairs

I come across the appetising crumble and apple pie

The comfort these dishes bring me

The happiness the family time

Is now a distant memory

Never to be repeated again

I miss those times

Now shes gone all i have is these memories

They fade day by day

I miss her crumble and apple pie

I recently started going to a creative writing class after i became interested in poetry and writing about my grief after losing my mum just over 2 years ago.Today i read my poem in class the word of the week was food.


Well done @StarHeart - it’s really brave to read your poem in front of the class. Thank you for sharing this with us :blue_heart:

Fish and chips with peas
That’s what he liked I recall
But no more for him since the last fall
Spring has come and without him now
Wondering if there’s some way how
He could smell his favourite dish
Just saying if I could make a wish
I would bring him back for a final kiss
Just because it’s what I miss

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Today is the 5th anniversary of my beloved Sister’s death and I wrote this poem (not a food theme however)
I heard the slam of a door called death
I turned around and you had left
Forever in my heart there is now a space
in the shape of you, but an empty place.

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I also went to a creative writing class with a title of food
I guess my mum made little fairy cakes
At school we made rock cakes
Like pastry with sugar and egg
Just dumped en a tray come what may
Dont see them today
Perhaps I will make a batch
In case the idea does catch

It’s so hard to lose a sister. Sending you love. x

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Thank you Redflower5. I see you are new to the forum. I offer you my support as well Xx :heart: