Grief Pride

Hello lunarjoycie. Of course you can use my words. I agree, it’s sometimes very difficult to explain our feelings adequately. Sometimes the words will just flow and other times I can’t think of a single thing to say. xx


Over 3 years for me since I lost the most gentlest of souls. Here are some of my words that come from learning that we remain bonded as one.

Our love was born with the pleasure of looking at each other,

It was fed with the necessity of seeing each other,

It will be concluded with the impossibility of separation :blue_heart:


Hi Crazy_Kate
Thank you so much…your words are so beautiful and I can identify completely.
Some people would find it difficult to understand that you can be proud of your grief, but I do understand and feel the same. Look after yourself, Joyce :pray:t3::heart:


Your words and sentiment are absolutely beautiful… Grief keeps us close to our love who enriched us and nourished us keeping us safe…

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Dear Sheila,

I spent the morning cutting hedges and sweeping up. I have a very tall tree that I did not plant and need to cut it down otherwise it will become taller than my house. I will be out tomorrow with my trusty saw, luckily, it only has about a 2 ins trunk so should be easy to cut down and break into bits.

Someone promised to come today to give me quotes for my garage and porch roof redoing but never turned up, no phone call. I have decided to now leave all the repairs I can’t do myself until next year when things have started to get back to normal, then perhaps these workmen will finally be grateful for jobs rather than them thinking they are god’s gift to people who want jobs doing. If Peter was here, fit and healthy he would be doing it himself.

I went to a garden party yesterday held by our church friendship group for us oldies and we had strawberry and cream scones and cake, it was lovely but everyone was complaining about the same thing, they cannot get a workman or gardener for love nor money.

It is so frustrating.

Don’t give up hope of getting decent tradesman, there are still some out there but you need to really hold your nerve. I got a young lad who lives nearby who cleared out badly needing done gutters, & replaced a roof tile both for less than a third of telephone quote from rogue.
I also have an amazing gardner (I do most myself, it’s huge) who has a real passion for his work & wildlife. Both have restored my faith in menkind.

Thank you for your truth and sharing, I liked the words and I also own my grief and it is the measure of our love and I will do my best to live the best life in his shadow, in his footstep and in his honour. Because I feel he was put into my world even though it was a short time, it was the best time ever and he taught me how to live and love and how to love some back too.

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Dear Maigret,

Thank you, but the problem is they never turn up, you ring them, tell them you need a quote for so and so, they say they will come on such and such a day then I never hear from them again. I am not talking a few hundred pounds because I know it will cost me nearly £4,000, but still they don’t turn up, they must not want the money.

I have lost count of the number of people who have promised to come and I never hear from them again. I just can’t understand it, and the same thing is happening to neighbours and friends of mine. I have made a list of the people I have called so they can take a running jump next year when they will be crying out for work because most people have been having home renovations done rather than go on holiday this year, and next year they will be going abroad again.

I have massive gardens all around my house, I cut my own hedges with a telescopic hedge trimmer and I am nearly 80 years old. If I could climb on the garage and extension roof, I would re-roof the darned thing myself, I just can’t stand heights. Wearing 4 ins heels makes me dizzy. (joke).

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That’s exactly how I feel Jodel. I am and will always be married to my Lenny I will never take my wedding band off. Just because he is physically gone, he is so very very alive in my mind and heart.


I wish you peace. :cry::heart:

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