Grief, sleeplessness and dread

I’ve just found out my mum has an inoperable, carcinoma. The shock of the diagnosis given that she is so fit, the sense of hopelessness and the dread of the forthcoming months are overwhelming. I am an only child and feel so alone. I am trying to be strong for my parents but find that my mind is racing, grief stricken and I just can’t sleep. Any help or advice would be warmly received .


Hi, I’m an only child, just loss my mum 4 days ago. My dad passed away 25 years ago. I didn’t reach out to friends when I lost my dad, but I have this time. I’ve shared my feelings, the details of what happened regularly the days before she passed. It’s really helped me get through till now. Don’t be afraid of off loading to people, you’ll be surprised who are the friends who will listen and are there for you. Look after your dad and yourself too. Sending you strength.

Thank you for your wise words and strength. I will do my best. I hope you are managing too.

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you need some light medication to reduce the symptoms. they will wear you out and you want to be there for your parents.

be positive with them … they need the support. make as many good memories as you can.

I lost mine … only child. death comes to us all but the memories are what we have to hold onto. be there as much as you can. you will be glad you did. I am sorry. being an only child means being enmeshed.

Totally understand, you will adjust to these sad and tragic circumstances, it’s bound to be a horrendous shock
just be there for your Mum , sharing as much as you can x
I’m an only child, have lost both my parents a few years ago, my husband, and a dear son in law the latter two this year
Never felt in more need of a close friend in my life
Precious friends in couples and feel out of place now
It’s difficult but you will do it xx

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