Grief vampires/ mediums

So I’ve been to loads of different mediums now. All have been so generic and vague and tbh I can tell they weren’t connecting with my loved ones at all! I recently discovered something called “OPERATION PIZZA ROLL”

Sounds silly but basically it’s a sting where groups of people working with an American newspaper who have very old, convincing fake Facebook profiles post information over long periods of time about their fake lives, family and about non existant dead relatives or funeral obituary posts. They then buy one time use visa cards so they can buy tickets for celebrity mediums live shows using their fake names that match the Facebook accounts.

It worked. They turned up at one well known American "mediums’ show and they were selected for a reading. He started spouting everything from her Fake Facebook account including mentioning her fake dead brother by name and illness and non existant dead dad and dog.

Makes you think though doesn’t it just how many people there are out there pretending to be mediums. I’m used to the generic, guessy readings because my Facebook is completely private so they have no way of hot reading me but to know that even a supposedly top American medium has been caught out is shocking! No wonder people have a hard time believing in anything! :unamused:


That’s awful that there are people who profit from someone else’s pain. I suppose they aren’t actually breaking any laws?

No, doesn’t seem like he is.

He was arrested and charged with fraud back in 2009 for scamming people out of money on Craigslist.
He’s basically swapped an illegal fraud for one he can get away with and got his own TV show out of it! Although his TV show has stopped airing and now people are starting to realise he’s a fraud.

I’m so angry with all the frauds out there! I do hope that the two other young American mediums are actually legit though :crossed_fingers:

I’ll be devastated if they turn out to be frauds too.

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