Hi everyone! I am new here and have been struggling with my grief for about 15 years, after the deaths of 2 close family members. Another member has late stage dementia. I have been on antidepressants for alot of those years and feel they help, although I still have bad days. I really thought that after all this time I would have learned to accept what happened. I have moved on in life as such but it’s still there all the time and I think of them daily. Is it normal for grief to last this long?

Hi. hoopy. Welcome to SR. ‘Normal’ ! What is normal? there is no such thing in grief. We all express our loss in different ways. We are all unique so there can never be a ‘normal’. And there is no time limit either. There was a post here the other day who spoke about it being painful still after twenty years. You are not strange or odd in any way. None of us will ever forget. Not possible, but we can and do learn to live with our loss. ‘Struggling’ is not a good word. It envisages a fight to ‘get over it’. Calm acceptance may seem difficult, but it is possible.
Try and be kind to yourself. You may be going through a bad emotional patch where everything seems to close in on you. Take it easy and be kind to yourself. Blessings. John.

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