It was 1 year not since my dads anniversary but 1 year ago since i went over to clear out my dads house🥲💔
Brought back a lot of emotions again
So strange this time flying over but not going to my dads house.
Got nice sprayed posy brought with me again to lay for my dad.
But truth hurts i💔


It does hurt, you think that it’s going to improve, but the reality is that every year you remember and it hurts just as much xxx

Yes your right dont know what i was expecting tto feel but felt just like 1st time only really hard as i went on my own this time
But nice peaceful space lay flowers for my dad sgain at cremitorium🕊
And didnt go near my dads house as obviousely some otheone else is there noe
It was his home🥲
Met my dads brother in law he good support family friends just dont understand.
Have so much regrets & guilt.:broken_heart:
It hurts the truth did keep asking my dad brother in law lots questions
Just hurts when someone tell you that your dad never wanted to come back for me or wanted to know
Faults on both sides no dont really want talj about it