I lost my son suddenly 13 weeks ago the pain and grief is bad I haven’t stopped crying everyday I miss him so much x


I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my daughter suddenly in January. The pain is incredibly hard. I hope you find it helps a bit coming on here. You will find you can say what you feel and you will be talking to people who understand. We all grieve differently but the pain is there for all of us. I cry everyday and rage at the injustice a fair bit too. It’s not an easy path, is it? I wish you some peace and send you hugs xx

Thank you I’m hoping taking about it will help as I’m struggling to come to terms with it he was my youngest child. I hope your ok grief is so bad x

Hello Jacci,
This is a good place you have found, everyone here understands your pain and will support you with love and kindness.
There are different threads, read a few of them and you will feel the friendship of these parents who are all trying to find their way through their grief.
Much love :heart: