My partner died in May. I don’t know how I’m ever going to get over this. My grief is so completely overwhelming

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Your comment struck a chord with me as it describes exactly how I currently feel after my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly mid May. I wish I could give you some useful words of comfort other than saying I really understand how you feel. I find it difficult to put into words x

Hello Susie. I am so sorry for your loss. I didn’t lose a partner but I lost my son Theo October of 2021. You are in very early days and I can tell you that when I was in very early days I thought I would never feel better. My grief was also overwhelming and it took everything I could to get through each day, but as the days went on it got a little better each day. I still cry but not as much I’m not 100% yet and I never will be but the pain has lessened and in time it will lessen for you also it doesn’t feel like that right now but it will. I still have some hurdles to jump and sometimes I get frustrated because I feel I am not jumping them quick enough, but it’s a process and it’s something that you can’t really rush. You will get better it just takes time :heart: