I list 6 members of family last year the hardest was my husband & mum :broken_heart:
I have a child I’m struggling to cope with all the grief I don’t have many family left. Feel so alone.


That’s an awful lot to deal with on your own. Have you applied for counselling they have it here and Cruse do it also. Having no one to fall back on is so hard. I’m struggling myself as I’m all alone. Take care much love :heart:

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You are in the right place. some very nice words and support was given to me when my wife was in her last days. She died on Saturday. I have had a bad day today I feel,so alone also.
I need to seek some counselling and it may be good for you as well, just reach out and have a chat.
Losing love ones is a bag of crap and it’s bloody awful. I feel your pain.