I miss my husband with every beat of my heart ,he taught and prepared me for a lot of things but he never prepared me for how much it would hurt :broken_heart:


I am so sorry for your loss, @2021Heartbroken. Many of our members have sadly experienced the loss of their husband and will understand how you’re feeling right now. I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support but I just wanted you to know that you’ve been heard and you are not alone.


Dear @2021Heartbroken
I am sorry that you have lost your husband. It truly breaks your heart. I lost my husband almost 4months ago and he tried to prepare me for life alone but like you I was not prepared for the pain that comes with the loss of our loved one. I have learned to take each day as it comes but initially it was hour to hour. The pain hasn’t lessened but the frequency of the emotions are not coming so fast now.
Sharing how you feel does help as you know you’re no longer alone we are all here to help each other


Heartbroken I understand this only too well. I miss my husband every minute of every day. My name is Leigh and I can keep in touch with you if you would like. I live in Devon but we could always make contact by email in the first instance take care Leigh

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Hi jen 64 and leigh 54 thanks for reply ,I agree the pain hasn’t got any easier everyday is a struggle but I keep going by believing he left me here for a reason and those reasons are our beautiful children grand children and great grand children :heart: he made a deep impact on all their lives by being a good dad and an even better grandad and great grandad we are all still in disbelief that he’s not here anymore and that’s what hurts the most :heart: