I lost my partner of 12 years suddenly 5 weeks ago and im not coping well im looking for support

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Hello Anne3
I am sorry for your loss I feel your pain . You are not alone .It is good to talk about your loss don’t bottle it all up honour them . What was your partners name? If you dont mind me asking sending much love xxx

His name was shuggie and I’m not coping at all i don’t want to get out of bed most days x

Hi Anne 3
Glad you replied. At times I feel so lost and the pain is unbelievable I just want it to stop. But just getting out of bed is so hard to do having a wash and going downstairs they are all small steps use them as accomplishments then tomorrow I might change my clothes .no one ever tells you how hard it is. Alway here if you want to talk about Shuggie xxx sending much love and hugs xxx