Just joined, not quite sure how it all works. Just so sorry and in admiration for all the people that have left messages and shown their vulnerability and kindness despite their own grief.


Dear @24681

The Community is here to support one another through their loss, some members like to chat and others like to post poems or just comment on how they are feeling and coping. You can also connect with members who have been in similar situations with their loss.

Take care.


Hi 2468 we are all here on this forum for the same reason we have lost somebody who is very dear to us .Sometimes it easier to open up to people that totally understand what you are going through.I have read some posts that would appear to be my story and though its sad its comforting to know that we are not losing the plot we are grieving.I hope you find it helpful to post too it may help in some small way.Marg x


I feel really sad & lonely. I miss my husband to talk too and give me some advice. I have family and friends but it is just not the same.
I’ve cried a lot today as I cant get over he has gone. I really miss our chats and the advice he would give. I know it’s only been 3mths but I’m so heartbroken :broken_heart:


My exact feelings, too. I talk out loud to my husband when I’m at home because I know he is with me. The void he has left is so lonely but I try to fill it with thoughts of him. I sobbed, wept and cried most of the day as I dreaded yesterday but my son and I got through it and I feel proud that we did. I have my husband’s photo as my phone screen saver so he is always watching over me. I know that Mark has left us but I can’t believe he has as he is with me in every beat of my heart.
Look after yourself Jules - you are cared for. X


Hello there, @24681

This is a great community, a place where everyone understands exactly - the pain and sadness of loss and grief. Grief works in very mysterious ways - one minute everything is terrible, the next minute or the next day, things are ok again. It is weird and exhausting but the good thing is, everyone here understands. This is a place to come and share with others who care. My experience is that this forum is non-judgemental and kind. So if you want to share something, about how you feel or to ask a question or anything, your friends are here, to walk with you. We support each other. Take care, hold tight, and breathe!


Such lovely kind words.
It certainly is the most awful rollercoaster ride, mine seems to be all downhill!
Wishing all love and kind thoughts to all.

Hello there, @24681,

Just back from skiing - and it was definitely all downhill - but at least this time I was vertical and facing forward! That expression comes from a handy book called The Madness of Grief, written by the Rev Richard Coles. I found it really helpful in the early days after Tom died. Might be worth a quick look if you haven’t already seen it.
Loads of love, keep going, you are doing better than you may think - as we all are, in our way. x

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That’s really helpful thank you.
Yes I do remember him talking about it on the radio sometime ago. I will look out for his book.
Bless you I hope you’ve had a “good” day.
Really grateful. I’ve just got in from a busy house of friends. I spent day desperate to get home but dreading the thought of going back to the quiet of the empty house. So food for thought definitely.

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Welcome to the group we all wish we didn’t need.
I too have found the freedom to say anything and not be judged here.
We have all experienced terrible loss and understand each other better than those who have not suffered this terrible experience. I could not have believed how much worse the loss of my darling husband was compared to other deaths.

I am lucky I still have my 24 year old learning disabled daughter living with me so do not have the empty house many of you do. Even though she has her own lounge I can sense her there and can go to see what she is up to any time I choose.

I hope you will get the support you need here.