It’s almost impossible to put into words how I dread the future without my beautiful wife after almost 60 years. I lost her 7 months ago and each day the feeling of her loss gets worse. I talk to her each night and morning and all her belongings are still in the places she put them as are all the little reminders of how she placed our decorative items around the house. I can’t bring myself to change anything. Sometime I think I should move her clothes out but each time I try I always finish up shaking and crying for her to come home and all her things stay where she put them I come home and always shout I am home darling as I always did but the house is empty.

We lost our daughter 20years ago and together we cried and hugged each other but now there’s just me. I have 2 other children but don’t want to burden them with my sorrows so I stay quiet when we are together.

After reading other peoples stories I know my life will never get any easier so I take each day at a time and look forward to sleeping when I can as then I know I can dream sweet dreams of my darling wife.


Dear @Johnh1

Thank you for sharing a beautiful moving post. Not many can say they have had almost 60 years together. How lovely to have so many memories together in your heart.

Your lovely attitude will get you through each day with your wonderful memories.

Please take care of yourself.


I totally sympathise and it all resonates with me. I lost my husband last July just 6 months ago after 54 years of marriage and knew him for 2 years before so 56 years of always being together and him being the absolute centre of my life. We had a simple life with two sons and not a big social life; it was just family orientated and we did everything together. He had dementia which totally ruined the last 2 years of our marriage as it brought stress and anxiety which is a source of extreme sorrow now to me. I am like everyone on here… just broken and cannot find a way to get through it all even with the support of my two sons and their families. wherever I am there is this awful void and sorrow. So I send everyone my heartfelt wishes that we can just come to terms with the terrible loss.G rief is a dreadful thing.


So sorry for the loss of your darling wife. There is nothing any of us can do to take away any of the pain each other is feeling but we are here for each other at least.
Our partners become so entwined within our being that it is hard to remember who we were before we were two. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we talk about our ‘other halves.’ I am, quite literally part of the old me before Richard and part of him since I adopted various aspects of who I am when we became a pair.

Sending you love, which isn’t much help but all I can do. xxx