Does anyone know whether there is any help available for bereavement councelling on a one-one face-face basis please? My gp has given me two sources of help dealing with bereavement,but both of the links i’ve been given only offer telephone conversations or online messaging,i would much prefer face-face,if anyone knows of any organisations that may beable to help me,please let me know. Thankyou.x

Hi CR73,

It doesn’t seem that there is much support for people grieving the loss of a loved one. My mother and I haven’t been offered any support or counselling since we lost my dad to terminal cancer in November last year. Health services were involved but as soon as dad passed away it felt like we were just left to get on with it when we needed help the most.

I have been speaking with a councellor face to face but I have paid for this myself. It’s a shame that there doesn’t seem to be more help available. Hopefully someone else may know if this option is available.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes,there needs to be help face-face with bereavement if needed-available on nhs as not everyone is in the position to beable to pay for the help. Technology is helpful with messaging and phone calls,but somtimes there needs to be an actual face-face conversation,to help read facial expressions and emotions and interact more openly.

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Hi, i know my local church run a free counselling service this is not religous led but a meeting place to meet others like minded people in similar situations and is free to join. I wish you peace and hope you can find some support.

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I am currently on a ‘waiting list’ for bereavement counselling it’s quite ridiculous if you ask me. My mother passed 5 weeks ago now.

I find talking on here helps me believe that what I’m feeling is completely normal and not a cause for concern.

I am still anxiously waiting to find whether my Mum suffered or went without even knowing as investigations with the coroners are still ongoing. She was only 50 years old.

I miss her terribly, I’ve never gone this long without hearing from her. I’m fed up of walking round in a dream like state.

I find myself desperately googling about the after life and one minute I believe that she’s still around then the next I believe it’s just my sadness and desperation making me want to believe and it’s a load of nonsense.

How can someone be there and then gone the next I can’t get my head around it, surely there’s something after this awful life we lead. How would we get such strong emotions and then they just stop one day just like that.

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Hi jess1
I am sorry to read that you lost your mum 5 weeks ago,you really arent alone. I lost my mom 6 years ago whom i was v close to,and my dad passed away 3 months ago,i was his full time carer,he passed away suddenly,here 1 min,gone the next.
Although it was 3 months ago i still feel as if its not real,i feel i could so easily just go see him like i used to,if he were there tomorrow i’d just go see him and not even mention whats happened. Its left a macive hole in my life. I just wanted you to know you arent alone and how your feeling is shared.x

My heart goes out to you! Life is just so unbelievably unfair and cruel at times.
And if only you could do that, just imagine :frowning:

I’ve found that talking to other people in a similar situation does help me know that I’m normal.

I wish I could go back to being a child again

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