I came across a very short poem that describes how I often still feel, having lost my wife to cancer last year.

Imagine living with a scream inside you.
And the scream is yours.
And no one else hears it.
That is grief.


How true. I know that there are times when I just want to scream and hit things, but of course I don’t, so it stays inside. Only someone who has dealt with this could possibly understand.


I feel like this, even when with family or a group of friends and I wonder why they can’t hear me.


Oh that is so true.

This may well describe what you feel along with the rest of us. I see my pain of losing my wife as a form of insanity,indescribable,something I can’t make sense of, something that has changed everything about my life.Take care.
It is copied of course. Edvard Munch - The Scream.
The Scream was not simply a product of stress, or an uncharacteristic moment of panic. It symbolizes the darkly troubled times Munch was experiencing as he dealt with mental illness and trauma, and his attempt to rationalize and explain his experience through what he knew best; painting.

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I can see that now. The Scream is so evocative. Pictorial form of what I feel like every day. I think that must be so for most of us.


I remember my husband explaining The Scream to me. Never in my wildest dreams (nightmares) did I think it would be relevant in a way to me, as I live through the pain and misery of losing him every day. My world has changed for ever.


The poem describes an inner scream, I’m not convinced that there is a connection to the painting by Munch.