This is not one of mine, but is so true I had to share on here…sure everyone will relate to these words as I have :roll_eyes::disappointed:


Thank you @UnityMan

So much to relate to in every single line.
It’s so insightful.

Hope your going along as well as is possible.
14 months for me now, and as hard as it’s ever been.

Sunday love and hugs :hugs:


Thanks for your thoughts…bad day today…worse than usual…don’t know why…:heart:


So much to relate to on there . Grief is being alone in a group of people resonated for me today.

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Sorry to hear you were hit with another difficult day. We could that to the long list couldn’t we…

'Grief is having a bad days, worse than usual and not knowing why:


This has totally summed up everything. Although it’s nearly 9 months for me recently, the last week really, I’ve been feeling dreadful. I managed to go out yesterday for lunch with a group of other widows but even though it seemed a nice thing to do I found that once I got back home I felt so alone. People keep telling me how amazingly I’m doing but it’s all a front I put on for their sake. This group has probably helped me more than anything else these last few months.