Hi I’m new here I’m starting my counselling on Thursday basically last year I had a missed miscarriage and it broke me a month later my grandad was very I’ll so I didn’t have time to grieve for him I was back and fourth at the hospital a month after he was ill he passed away I got a call I made my way up there stayed up all night with him talking to him holding his hand even though he couldn’t talk or open his eyes then in the morning I held has hand kissing his forehead telling him how much I love him then he passed away it’s been so had having to deal with both deaths and not grieving properly I feel an emotional wreck I hit depression and not working at the moment as it’s been too much for me its just so hard to deal with especially as my grandad stepped in to be my dad when my dad his son stopped seeing us as a child. I just hope counselling helps as I’m finding it so hard to deal with


Hello @Danz34,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m so sorry for your losses. It sounds like you’ve gone through so much and it’s completely understandable that it’s so hard to dealt with. Well done on reaching out - I really hope that the counselling is helpful for you. I hope you find the community to be a support to you too - you are not alone.

You may have already been in touch with them, but if not, The Miscarriage Association offer lots of support through their website. They also have a helpline you can call on 01924 200799, as well as live online chat.

You might also find these Sue Ryder resources helpful in coping with grief:

Take care,

Gosh so sorry for your losses
I hope so too re counselling
I start my initial assessment for counselling at the end of the month
Itcannot come quick enough

Hi @Danz34
Wow, this is a lot to process, let me break it down. The loss of a child is a heartbreak no parent should ever have to go through. I lost my baby some years ago, if he had lived, he would be a teenager now, & I am still heartbroken. I found when he first passed, it was like carrying a backpack full of rocks, a heavy burden to bare, but over time it’s like the rocks shrank, I still carry the weight of his loss, even now, but now it’s a more comfortable weight that I’m willing to bare.
Sorry also to hear of your granddad’s passing, I can hear how much he meant to you, & was clearly an important person in your life. Looking after him, being so busy, then having all the empty spaces & free time can be a big shock, & a big change. I hope the counseling helps, & feel free to talk any time you need on this forum, Sending hugs of support.