I’m really hoping this community can help me with my grief - tragically lost my husband to a brain tumour on the 26th April, he was diagnosed on the 15th January with no previous symptoms and the grief, shock and trauma is just so overwhelming- I have my wonderful 20 year old daughter who is such a comfort to me and we both keep each other strong, a wonderful family and friends but I just feel so alone and petrified for the future it’s just all so frightening especially as you’re thrown into a world you just don’t want to be part of :cry:


This is a site where you will find understanding and support.

Big hug,
Rose x

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Thank you so much Rose - I can see that already, when you start reading all the messages and realising people’s thoughts are the same as your own especially as family and friends just can’t understand :cry: xx


I’m so sorry for your loss.
My husband was disgnosed on 13th January with lung cancer. He died on 23rd February. Like your husband it was previously undiagnosed.
I fully understand what you’re going through as does everyone on this forum. We’re all here for each other to listen and support. We all understand because we’re all going through this horrendous journey that is grief.
Please keep posting. It does help

Sending big hugs
Liz x


That is spot on.

It is quite common to write something about an experience, a reaction or an emotion.
You may feel confused, unsure or anxious.
Someone will have been through that and reply. Probably quite a few people.

Take care,


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Thank you Liz, and so sad for you too, it is hard as everyone goes back to their lives which makes you feel even more alone - but reading comments on here where people feel the same will help I’m sure xx

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Sorry for you’re loss :heart:

Keep reaching out on this group for support, we are all in this grief journey together.

Take care xx


It will help Caro09
I’m lucky enough to have the support of family and friends. But nobody understands the pain and loneliness that we all feel. They can’t understand unless they’ve been through it. I hope they never have to. Thats why its good to chat with others here. Because we’re all going through it.

Take care
Liz x


I’m so sorry for your the loss of your husband and the pain that you feel.
My husbands illness was also very short from diagnosis to the end with cancer and I still think I’m trying to process all that went on in those few months as we never got a break from the constant bad news.
I find it terrifying to think of the future without him so just try take a day at a time at the moment.
Hopefully this site will help you too - we truly understand.
Take care.