I have been hit again with the grief of my Mum who passed 3rd october 2023 ,I cared for her for many years with her dimentia and leukemia, I had a difficult sometimes as she divorced my father when I was 13 . Which was hard on me as my Dad the most lovely man in the whole wide world.
I lost him to Alzhiemers 2019. I have lost my best friend at the age of 6 and another at 2013. I have been off work and just want to work again . So heart breaking


Hi @Lindsay1

I’m so very sorry for all the loss you have experienced. It’s so hard to try and keep going when you feel so sad.
Make sure you look after yourself and try to get enough rest and time to process all that has happened.
People on here understand so please keep on posting and reaching out for support.
Trying just to take a day at a time often helps, rather than looking too far into the future.
Sending love and strength to you xxx