Grieving Families Unfairly Taxed


There was a piece in the Daily Mail today concerning relatives who have received a lump sum payment from their husband’s pension scheme and been charged income tax on it. HMRC have now admitted that these payments should be tax free if the person was under 75 years old. ( Going back to 2016). They gave a helpline number 0300 123 1079.
I rang them today and it appears they haven’t read the Daily Mail - I have been asked to send in my paperwork. I just thought that it might affect others on this forum, hence this post.


Hi Yvonne,
How are You? It is very thoughtful of you to post this information.
Very best wishes
Tulabelle x

Hi Tulabelle

I am ok. October is a difficult month for me - so many dates, so I am getting through as best I can, taking one day at a time. I thought the information might be of interest to others on this site.