grieving through poetry

A Birthday Poem For My Beloved Partner (29-8-41)

I’m sending you my love, on this your special day,
As you were sadly taken from me in the month of May.
I wish and hope you’ve kept a place,
beside you, just for me,
Then I can hold you, kiss you, hug you,
just like it used to be.
My heart it aches so much these days,
my love for you goes on,
I’ll love you now, forever and always,
until my life is done.
That day will come, I know not when,
just hope it won’t be long,
As I can’t function very well now that
you are gone.
On this your special day, I’ll light a
candle just for you,
And sending all my love, though my
heart is broke in two.
The sadness in my broken heart is just
too much to bear,
But I’ll wish you Happy Birthday now
from me to you up there.


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