I lost my dad over 20 years ago when I was 17.

I still feel like I am grieving for him, even more so over the last few years, is this normal?? Just want to properly cry when I think about him/what happened etc.

I feel as if I should be passed this ‘phase’, but Im clearly not.

Hi, it is a long time since you lost your dad but we never really get over that special person. Do you know way you feel the poss more or what brought it all back because there may be a reason.
This past months have been traumatic in many different ways and even when we haven’t lost some due to the virus our life has changed. If you feel that it is deeper and that you need help then please look at counselling.
You have been very brave writing about your emotions and just doing something may be the start to helping yourself. I know I still think a lot about my dad and he went many years ago but I still love him. Take care and stay safe. S xx

Hello @hpf2011,

Thank you for starting this thread and for sharing about your Dad. As @SusieM has said, there is no timeline for grief - it is not unusual to feel the way you are.

I wanted to let you know about a Facebook group, run by Winston’s Wish, for adults bereaved as children - you might find it a helpful way to discuss your bereavement as a child openly and honestly with others who have experienced it themselves.

Well done for posting and for reaching out for support, @hpf2011 - please know you are not alone.

Take care,