Hi, I lost my little sister and my mum last year and then my stepdad passed earlier this year!

I feel broken, alone and very angry most of the time.

I have massive mood swings and tbh my partner gets the brunt of it and its making us argue, which we never used to do!

I love him to bits and I don’t want to fight with him, it’s just how I’m feeling, I also suffer with anxiety and bpd just to give you the full picture.

Is this just me or do others feel like this too??

Thank you for reading.

Stargirl, it is grieving but coupled with your other problems it may be best to talk to a professional counsellor so they can help you process your emotions. It’s not good for either you or your partner in these circumstances and you don’t want things to turn ‘pear shape’. Grief is hard and difficult to deal normally. Think who you can go to for help. Take care of each other. S xx

Thank you for your response

I know what you mean I don’t want things to go wrong either I wouldn’t be able to cope if he left me, he’s my world!!

Thank you for your advice I will look into finding someone to talk to .

Take care of yourself xx

Star girl. I feel the same. My dad passed in July 2021 and I too suffer with anxiety and mood swings and my husband suffers as a result.
I’m finding it so difficult to accept my dads longer here and he won’t be by my side for the rest of my life.
I still have my mum but I’m an only child and was a real daddies girl. I feel so lonely in my grieving and I think that’s where the mood swings come from.
I hour, 1 day and 1 week at a time.
Think this time of year isn’t helping as it’s very emotional for us all.
I only joined this group this week and it’s helping me.
We’ve all got something in common, although it’s not the best reason but I think we all understand each other.
Take care xxxx