I lost my husband in March this year very suddenly, I watched him have a brain annualism right in front of my eyes, it was so awful he was only 57, I’m 61 I’m not coping very well,I have some good days but more bad days! I hate weekends I feel so sad and lonely :disappointed_relieved:


Sorry for your loss. You have come to the right place we all understand how you are feeling and your right weekends seem to be the worst.


Yes it’s so hard isn’t it, I just don’t know how yo more forward,

To move forward

I’m 14months into my journey and I’m still having bad days . I don’t know how to move on I don’t think we can I don’t want to move on to far because it feels like I’m leaving jim behind . All I can say is just live each day as it comes it will always be a different life to the one we had planned. Sending you a hug xx

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Thank you, people say just remember the good times and your happy memories, but I can’t it’s shouldn’t be like this he should still be here sharing life with me :heart:

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I know mate 57 is no age my husband was a lot older but it still hurts .


Yes that’s right it hurts what every there age xx

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I feel I’m living in a nightmare. I remind myself tomorrow is another day and hope it feels a little better Life is cruel and hard x


There’s nobody to give me a hug and tell me everything will be okay. That warm safe feeling. I used to always say to my husband that hugs should be given on prescription. Better than any medicine x


Hello Carol, so sorry for you loss. Your story is very similar to mine. My darling hubby collapsed in front of me with an AVM bleed on the brain. Martin was 47 years old; we had our whole lives ahead of us, I will never get over this and I will likely suffer until I take my last breath. Sending hugs… xx❤️


Yes I know what you mean, Graham was my absolute rock, made me feel better just by been they for me! Heartbroken :heart::heart:

Hi Carol12,
I am so very sorry for your loss.
My partner of 21 years, Isobel, died unexpectedly after a fall in April this year.
She was only 53 and I am 63.
I seemed to cope better in the early days, when there was so much to arrange, but recently I find myself crying at the slightest memory.
Like you, I hate weekends now and also the long nights. Sleeping is not something that comes easily for me now.
I find posting on here helps a little.
I can empathise and identify with everybody else who has suffered loss.
I hope you find ways of coping with your grief.
Reading other people’s stories and writing about yours can be therapeutic I find.
Especially when someone replies to one of your posts.
I don’t have any answers, I really wish I did, but please know I am thinking of you and sending a hug your way.
Take care of you xx

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Hello nannan
Thank you, yes I was the same, seemed to cope OK with everything, now I’m not coping very well at all. I am finding it helps reading everyone else’s story’s, just don’t know how to move forward. Lots of love to you xxx


Hi Carol12,

I was only thinking today, how am I going to move on ?
The loneliness feels unbearable at times.
I’m trying to be positive when I can, but lately it all feels pretty bleak.
Here’s hoping we all get through this enough to function normally eventually.
It’s tough now my soulmate and cheerleader has gone, but at least I have lovely memories.
On the one hand, it was wonderful to be in a loving relationship, but on the other hand the loss of that love is crushing.
Hoping for better days, and sending love and hugs your way xxx