Dad-why is it people told me ‘after the funeral you will feel closure and move on’…i just dont feel that way whatsoever. I still think of you at the house,i still talk to you like you’re there,none of whats happened feels real…still. I respected you,i looked up to you,i listened to you,i heard your advice and stories,i needed you-i still do,i loved you-i always will. I cannot and do not want to think of life as having had ‘closure’,that part of my life has not ‘gone’,you are very much part of my life and always will be,into my future with me - not left behind. X


Hi @CR73 ,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with the community :blue_heart:.

When you are ready you may find this Sue Ryder article helpful.

Keep sharing and take good care,

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Thankyou alex