Hey Micheal how are you


Not good

Hi Micheal, do you need anything?.


I don’t know Tim thanks

Is anyone with you?

Hey Micheal if you would like a chat I’m here everyone on this site always replies to you


Thanks Iam just putting collecting my mums stuff as I don’t want to as it will mean she is def gone I do not want to accept the fact that’s she is gone

Hi Michael, so glad you are ok, I was under the impression you may be ill or had a fall.

Your mum is NOT gone, she walks in spirit with you every day, the body is only a vehicle, we are so much more then flesh and blood, and while the body decays and dies, we DO NOT, and the spirit and soul are indestructible, and they, are or true enmities, and in the fullness of time, we will be reunited with our mums when it is our tern to leave the earth plane.

Stay safe, God bless.


My thoughts are with you Micheal your mam will always be with you I know it’s not the same it’s so hard I’ll never accept my mam has gone my mam died on the Saturday me me sister brother empty her flat I cleaned the carpet were me mam was found she bashed her face off the cans
I can’t see my sister as she looks like me mam even thought I got a cushion with her photo on it’s not the same

Hi Charyll, how is your ant doing incidently?.

She’s not good she’s dealing with an infection on her stomach still hasn’t had a drink she’s got to have furthur scans to see what’s happening she did say she’s not putting her kids through what I’ve been through
She’s also grieving for me mam as she’ went into the room seen me mam such a sad time

so sorry about that, she in hospital having iv antibiotics?, thats what i was put through for cellulitis, every 6 hours day and night, but only for 2 days.
I wish you and her all the best.


Iam not going to be on for a while I’m at the hospital with really bad pins and needles in feet hands and back legs etc. they think I have a condition called Cauda equina syndrome is a condition which occurs when the nerves at the base of the spinal cord are squeezed together. It can cause pain in the lower back and/or legs, weakness in one or both legs, numbness in the buttocks, between inner thighs/in or around your back passage (the ‘saddle region’) or in legs.

So sorry you are ill, hope they can put you rite soon, I am semi lame at the moment with bad knees, cortisone injection next week, Laura’s ant died suddenly on Sunday, think we are all in the wars at the moment, hope you get better soon and see you on the other side.

Good luck old boy
Tallyho!!, and over and out for now.


Morning . I collected my mums stuff from my sis on Saturday. Putting off going through the stuff.i I’ll soon.
Also just found out I have nerve damage in my back. The meds I’m on ain’t helping.

Sorry to hear about your troubles Michael, nerve damage sounds bad and you said you were going into hospital.

Been there my self to day, they wanted to take a closer look at my eye, they took a scan of both and examined my left one using a contact lens devise that makes contact with the eye, it was slightly uncomfortable and I declined the anesthetic, but I have been given the all clear.

You perhaps should see a physio regarding your back, I had a history of neck problems, but it made a world of difference, this is personal experience, NOT medical advise, your gp might get you a referral for physio, and if so it should be free to you.

Your mums stuff can wait, I am still sorting things out more then a year later and I am yet to look at the attic.

KBO :crazy_face: