Hey everyone sorry I haven’t been sending messages I closed myself off from everything got more bad new my auntys liver wasn’t working I don’t cope well with bad news

So sorry to hear your news, @Charyll. I can see that you’re getting some support on this thread, which I really hope is helping you to cope with the news. Take good care and keep reaching out :blue_heart:

Good afternoon . My grief is eating me up. People say that you will get over it but they don’t know what you’re feeling or what you’re going through

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Hi Micheal the grief is over whelming something that you will never get over my mam was was my best friend
Being on this site is helping with my grief

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Everyone has been great on this site the support is amazing I would like to thank every one
My aunty got the same news at what me mam did me mam didn’t stop drinking she drank more 9 months later me mam died
My aunty is off the drink she doesn’t want to put her kids through what I’ve been through she’s also supporting me I’ll be there for her :100:

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If you need a chat Iam

Thank you so
It’s what to do coping with grief I’ve tried all sorts the pain and the tears are still there every single day I’m at the stage of denial

I can relate to you I lost my partner to drink last July 2023 he was a music entertainer so drank a lot I tried to help but didn’t succeed he should have gotten more help but was stubborn one and twitch him when he passed away but I feel so guilty I couldn’t save him he was only 51 I can’t get the images out of my mind what I experienced and saw such a shame he had so much to live for but his family and mental health didn’t help and because of they way we were etc I was tarnished and wasn’t allowed to say my goodbyes drink is the devils juice my mum use to say I just hope he’s at peace now I will always love him eternally and it doesn’t get any easier you just learn to live with the grief as grief is love :two_hearts: with no place to go :sob::sob::sob: feeling lost and alone

Awwwww I can relate to you it breaks my heart reading what happened to
Your dad
I don’t drink I wouldn’t put my 4 kids through that
My mum drank because her husband died she was with him every day for 21 years
I trekked to help her she didn’t want any help she just wanted to drink
I miss her so much

My dad no hun my fiancé not dad xx

Awwwww I’m so sorry
I need to get my glasses fix I haven’t as me mam broke them when she had a melt down

Hi Charyll and good evening.
The fact your aunt has decided to stop the drink is a HUGE DEVELOPMENT, and is the biggest factor that will help her recovery, but she will still need plenty of rest, and probably the help of a nutritionist to give her a healthy diet to aid her recovery.

Blessings to you, your ant and your girls, stay warm, stay safe.


Thank you Tim
Eeeeeeee it’s freezing -1 in newcastle feel sorry for the kids haven’t to go back to
School I’m this
My aunty is weak but stopped drinking I got her some flowers told her I was proud of her it’s hard when you have a habit


My mum was killed in a hit and run. -1 in

Awwwwww I’m so sorry for your loss
Doesn’t make it easy for you bless you taking too soon
Have you reached out for councerling?
Spoke to your gp
My doctor has been amazing woth support still not the same

Michael, so very sorry about your mum, so many evil people out there, any progress on catching the culprit?

You, and your ant are in my prayers tonight, God bless.


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They caught the person but they have not been charged yet

he should be charged, and in my book a hit and run resulting in a death is technically murder, I have strong views on law and order, and as an ex driving instructor strong views on dangerous driving, we can all have accidents, but if the accident is a result of reckless and delibrat action then that is a different matter, my dad was the justices clark, and when he retired was the last one in the country qualified on experience, he went to the local grammar school, did not have a law degree but understood criminal law as well as any solicitor or barrister, the only case that upset him in the Furness area was of a taxi driver who kidnapped children, killed them and ate them (me and my twin brother were tiny at the time and it got to my dad)
They should throw the book at your mums killer, he should never walk!!!

Blessings to you, and all who love you, I pray you find peace, and that your mums soul can rest in peace.

Love Timxx

Investergstions take a while I’m pleased the person got caught
I’m always around if you need to chat