Group help

Maybe we could meet up. Park cafe etc…
I live in Bristol.
Would anyone be interested?

Unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near, otherwise I would jump at the chance.


Well we can chat on here…I’m off to bed soon. Sweet dreams x

Me too I’m in the Midlands. It was a year yesterday since my husband’s funeral. I’ve had the last of the firsts
I played Christmas carols and memories flooded my head and made me weep. Not just for my husband but his family too. His mum went into a care home when my husband died she has advanced dementia. His father and brother had died in previous years. The house stands empty in a time warp. My husband cared for his mum at her home. He died suddenly from sepsis. It was so unexpected. Often carers suffer without complaint and get on with it.
No time to say goodbye or I love you, I was allowed to be with him when he slipped away, he was in a coma. He just looked asleep. A dedicated husband dad and son who struggled with his mental health for three years.
All you carers out there, I would encourage you to take care of your selves, the government will let you continue to care for your loved ones if you don’t ask for help or accept it, in my husband’s case.