Guilt when you’ve been distracted

Hi all, hope everyone is coping as best as you can on this horrendous journey that no one wants to be on. I’m now 7 months on since I lost my son Scott, the pain is still unbearable but I have managed to go back to work part time and that does distract me for a short while but then I get this over whelming feeling of guilt “how can I possibly have been distracted from the pain of loosing my son” how can this be real, he can’t really be gone, he’s my son and should be here and then I’m back to being a quivering wreck. How do I stop the guilt feeling, I know its irrational and Scott wouldn’t want me to feel this way but I can’t seem to break the vicious cycle,

Hello @Dee27, thank you for reaching out. I’m so sorry for the loss of your son Scott.

I think a lot of our members will identify with your feelings of guilt. You are still quite early on in your grief journey and you will be feeling a lot of different emotions, sometimes all at once. You’ve asked how to stop the guilt feeling - I don’t think there is any answer to that, but this blog from Richard on grief and guilt might help a little. You might also find our Supporting yourself through grief support pages useful, too.

You’re not alone - take care.