Do you ever feel guilty that you could have shown your love more, Been better, nagged less? If I had known for a second that my amazing and so loving husband would die so soon I would have never have taken for granted for a moment. I did show my love but wish I had given so much more to such an amazing special man.

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Every day I wish I had shown Denise that I loved her more. Not got annoyed when she smothered me in bed. Commented on her Facebook when she told the world she loved me. Bought her flowers more often. I think we punish ourselves, I only recall the not so good times not the great times of which there were so many. Hind sight is a difficult thing to deal with I’m afraid xx

He,lo LucyC,
Yes yes yes, I got so upset with him when he shouted at me because I wasn’t gentle enough or didn’t do things right for him. I should have understood that he was as frightened as me about his cancer
But I am sure he knew as your husband did how much we loved them, I feel luck the last words I said to him in hospital were “I”ll see you tomorrow, love you”, tomorrow never happened
That’s one of the reasons at the funeral I had In Dreams by Roy Orbison played ,as that is the only way I can see him now
Thame care Lucy

Hello Lucy. I agree, but it’s not THEM we for granted, rather than we took our situations for granted. Everyday, mundane life creeps in and takes over doesn’t it. I doubt there’s many that won’t have felt what you describe. I’m reminded of some of the lyrics from that Elvis song “You are always on my mind”, as I write. Don’t go worrying, actions speak louder than words and I’m sure you did many good deeds for your partner. Take care.

If only I had just another moment with my beloved Brian. I would smother him and say how sorry I was when he wanted to have a cuddle and I was thinking of something else. When I threatened to leave him when he wouldn’t sell this house so that we could buy a house together.(He lived in this house with his previous wife and I hated the thought). Moaned at him for, what now, seem such trivial things. I never stopped worrying about him but could I have done more. Did he need my love more than I realised. The guilt eats away at me.every day. I can only hope that he can hear me now telling him of my love. He did ask me just before he died why I kept telling him that I loved him. I don’t know if he knew who I was though. His last day was horrendous and I keep telling him I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for him.

Hi James and I had our ups and downs like everyone else. I do feel guilty when I moaned when we argued over silly things but we do take life for granted and none of us know what’s round the corner.

Hello to you all, yes I think we have the same regret but we didn’t know what was going to happen. I hear my love, soul mate, asking me if he died would I remarry and I laughed at him. I now know that will never be on the cards. This was well before he was poorly but I think he know what was going to happen. We just have to come to terms with what we have.
Blessings S