I feel so guilty. My nana ( she was 100 and my mum’s mums mum) passed only 3 months ago by my grandad ( was 83 dementia and cancer, dad’s dad) passed two weeks ago. Why do I find myself thinking more about him. Why do I cry more over him. My nana was just as much of my world as he was. She is just as big of a loss as he is. I feel so guilty. I love them both. I want to cry for both. I miss them both. My heart breaks for them both. So why do I just keep thinking of grandad.

Your mind will grieve as best that it can.
Your nan was 100 so maybe you have accepted it faster. Whereas your grandad was much younger.
You are so lucky to have had such wonderful people in your life.
Dont worry about who you grieve and when. You will honor both of them in your way.
I did not have the blessings to have known any great-grandparents. When my dad’s mom passed away, I was so so sad like you feel for your granddad. But my other grandmother - it was not as hard. I didnt question it. Its just how your mind grieves.
Wishing you peaceful thoughts,


Thank you. That’s comforting to hear. I’m sorry for your loss :heart:

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You are grieving. I wouldn’t get too hung up about which one you feel you are grieving.
Take care.

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