Had enough

Since my mum went on 7th december. Everything is being left to me. Im cooking cleaning dealing with funeral coroner everything. Im tired. It has slipped my mind today to go and be with my mum :broken_heart:


i’m sorry to hear of your loss. but, your mum would not want that. you know it in your heart. my mum left in october and i miss her so much that i’ve thought it as well. but our mums gave us the greatest gift anyone can give and that is life. the pain you’re feeling is the price we pay for loving our mums so deeply. crying is the only thing we can do to release the pain in our heart and mind. let yourself heal and one day you’ll be strong enough to take the pain and honor the memories of your dear mum. i’ll try to do the same. my heart goes out to you.


Im so sorry for your loss - my mum passed away 8 weeks ago and i know how busy those first few weeks can be, when all you really want is to stop the world and grieve. Is there any family or friends who can help you, either with making calls or bring you a meal so you dont have to cook? If you can, I’d put the housework on hold - if you dust more dust will just appear again! Focus on the critical things like the funeral, any accounts to be closed AND on looking after yourself. :heart: