Half a person

I feel permanently sad, only half a person. No one to lean on, ask advice or help with the jobs. My children have been here for the weekend with their husbands and wives. Babies born that he never met. Big family meals, 14 of us. Now they’ve all gone. Now it’s just me again, only half a person. Tears rolling down my face from sheer sadness.


So sorry you are feeling so upset tonight. Agree with your comment about feeling half a person and dealing with everything on our own. It’s awful being alone a lot and having no one to talk things over with.
Had the bank holiday on my own and really missed my husband today.
Take care xx


Hello Montague and Barbara, so sorry for your losses. My husband was suddenly and unexpectedly taken away from November 2020. I wanted to say that the words 'I feel half a person" are the first words I said to my mum when she phoned me day after funeral to check how I was. That’s the way it is and always will be. My husband and I really were one person, one mind, one soul, it’s so difficult to describe this feeling but it’s as if my whole self has been sucked out of me and I’m
left with just the shell.


I agree my husband passed 11/11/2020 can’t se to go forward lv annie x

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