Happy birthday babe

Happy heavenly birthday my darling. It’s your second birthday since you died. I thought all the first would be the hardest. I was so wrong. We have both had two birthdays and two anniversaries since you passed and im approaching my second Christmas without you. For me it just feels like it’s getting harder. Im just so empty and lost withoutyou. I miss you so much every second of every day. I just want to be with you. I don’t want this life, not withoutyou. But i have no choice our furbabies need me. Though in all honesty there is not much of me left. As most of me died with you. I hope you are at peace and reunited with those you loved and lost. I love you my sweet beautiful perfect Irish rose with all my heart and soul.be happy my baby shine bright and enjoy your time with the angels. They are lucky to have you with them. I will love you and cherish what we had all my life. Im forever yours babe. Until we are reunited darling my heart and soul will never be at peace. xxxxx


Dear @Casey1

Birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas is so hard without our loved ones to share these special occasions with. I do hope you got through yesterday as well as you could. Hold on to your memories you made together, and this will help you through the difficult times.

We are all here for you. You are not alone. Take care.