Happy Birthday beyond the stars

It’s the fourth birthday without my husband & it doesn’t get any easier. For me these big days seem to be getting worse because memories are getting further & further away. Others have forgotten & you’re carrying your hurt alone. You prepare yourself for the firsts & the build up to them often worse than the day itself. But as the years go by these days are still hard if not harder & you can’t understand why it isn’t easier. I’m not intentionally building up to it as I was at first, but subconsciously I must be because I’ve had days where I can’t face going out in these last few weeks. I wrote this poem for him … Happy Birthday Derek :orange_heart:

I miss you today and I’ll miss you tomorrow,
No amount of time takes that away,
You’re my one, my forever & always,
And I’ll miss you every single day.

I love you today and I’ll love you tomorrow,
Your heart is entwined with mine,
You’re my one, my forever & always,
And I’ll love you until the end of time.


@Jodel712 and

@Jodel712 and @LonelyPanda
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I just wanted to say how lovely your words were to your husbands on their birthdays, and thinking about how you feel today, having been through it with husband’s birthday in May.
Life doesn’t get any easier for us and special days are the worst. Sending hugs,


@Jodel712 a beautiful poem and tribute to your husband


Aw how lovely xxx

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