Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday in Heaven Alan

Your birthday brings back memories
Of laughter and of tears
Of all the celebrations held
Throughout your precious years.

As you’re now watching over me
I hope that you can see
How much those memories we made
Will always mean to me.

I’ll always cherish times we had
And smile just at the thought
I hope you know the magnitude
Of joy your life here brought.

On holidays and birthdays
It’s so hard to be apart
Like every day that falls between
Your memory fills my heart.

You’re with me now wherever I go
You’re part of all I do
I’ll celebrate your special day
And the gift of knowing and loving you.


Happy birthday, Alan :blue_heart:

Thinking of you today, @sad2.


Happy birthday Alan :blue_heart: thinking of you today @sad2 and sending you lots of love and strength for today :heart: xxx


Thank you for your kind words and thoughts Seaneen and Lorraine.
It’s my second birthday without Alan, and it’s not getting any easier.
Will the heartache ever end?


Anniversaries and birthdays ect are always so hard and I don’t think it matters if its a year or 6, I think we learn to adjust to live alongside our grief and it becomes more manageable? If that makes sense? @sad2 :heart: xxxx

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Hi, Lorraine is right, it’s always a difficult time and personal I say to myself it’s just one day. Tomorrow is another day. Thinking of you S xxx