Happy heavenly birthday

Happy heavenly birthday to my Rob on what would have been his 57th birthday . This is the hardest and toughest journey I have to endure and I would give anything to have you back on it with me. You were a loving husband, father and grandfather . You were the best mental health nurse the NHS had . I was so devastated when you were taken from us so suddenly and I am finding it so tough to bounce back, I know it’s only been 11 weeks and it’s still very early days for us . Anyway hope you have a party wherever you are and I will raise a glass to you later and light a candle in your honour . RIP big man love you :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


Happy Birthday to your Rob. I can feel the pain in your words yet your strength is inspiring. Another difficult day to get through. I’m sure he will be with you xxx

Nikki2 thank you :heart:

Happy Birthday to your Rob. So sorry you can’t have the day together you would have planned.

The candle and toast to Rob sound fitting, I hope you could think of happy memories, maybe some music.
All the best x

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Hi @Kazzer, I wish your husband a very happy heavenly birthday and feel for your loss. 11wks is nothing and it is a tough journey. I am just over 9mths since my Bill died age 64 and it hasn’t gotten any easier but we all get through it with help from family, friends and this group. We are all on the same journey, going along this bumpy road together. Use us all
Sending hugs

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Happy belated Birthday to Rob, I believe one day we will meet with our loved ones, may their knowledge and strength help us in our journey ahead til we are re-united with them.



Riley I believe we will meet out loved ones again and believe me I have wised it would happen many times. I think of the kids and grandkids which helps me to focus and the importance of remaining here , they do keep me going and they have been a fantastic support and obviously they are grieving too .

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