Happy New Year in Heaven

My Dearest Alan,
Another year has passed us by
And a new one about to start
Each year I miss you more and more
Deep down within my heart

If I could have a New Year’s wish
One that would come true
I’d wish that I could somehow
Spend it there with you.


This will be my first New Year without my husband of almost 64 yrs. I cant bear the awful emptiness I feel without him. He has only been gone 6 weeks but it seems to be getting worse instead of better. I just cry and cry.
My thoughts are with everyone on this forum and I wish everyone a peaceful 2024.


Goodness me 64 years … long time. Take care of yourself, its so very hard without them isnt it ? I was married 35 years xx

Hi Alone1,
Your verse.could have been written by me ,my Husband was called Alan, and the verses read exactly how i feel too. Im not too sure of how many years for your Alan, but mines 18months now, so going into the second year, now.
Im sorry for your loss, its just hard to bear at times,
I wish you peace and goodwill for the New Year 2024, x

Hi Sandra19531
I’m so sorry for your loss too.
It will be 3 years on 31st January for me, and it gets no easier.
I’m sitting here now thinking about him and crying, wishing he were still here with me. I miss him so much.
Take care I wish you a peaceful New Year.


Thank you for your message. I really appreciated it.