Happy New Year

For many of us, including myself, we are going into this new year without a loved one or even multiple… I wanted to take the time to make a post to say Rest in Peace to all those who aren’t here to bring in this new year with us. 2020 has been the absolute WORST year of my life, for many of us too, i hope 2021 can bring us all some more peace and happiness.

I’ve said this a few times but the past few days I have been struggling and a part of the passage read at my mums funeral seems very fitting as we bring in the new year…

“So Live, be Free, and know with every breath you take, you will me taking one for me.”

Thinking of everybody who has lost a loved one, whether it was this year, last week, 5 years ago, 20 years ago… Thinking of you all & Happy New year :heart:


Hi Charlotte, Thank you for posting the lovely saying “So Live, be Free, and know with every breath you take, you will me taking one for me.” That will bring comfort to many of us who are feeling particularly sad and lost today. Love to all.x

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Hi. This year I lost my sister 20th Nov then 9 days later my brother and unbelievably 9dsys later on 8th December I lost my husband of 58 years. My only consolation is I was holding his hand at home and he passed very quickly. I feel so sad . Keep breaking down in tears. Can’t get motivated to do all the things that need to be done. I spent Xmas and new year with my family but now reality has set in. It’s the emptiness of the house. My sister and brother have had to sort of take second place. It’s awful.

Hello Ellie13. I feel so sorry for your recent losses. You will find it a safe place here to say how you feel whether it is a bad day for you or a better day. You will no doubt find advice on other threads, one of them being to take each day at a time or each hour at a time if you can manage it. Many of us believe that our loved ones are still around us and there is a thread about the afterlife if that brings you any comfort.
Keep posting, and sending love and blessings to you. xxx

Jean2. Thank u for Yr kind words. The trouble is most people want to ‘fix’ things but this we cannot do. 4 years ago my husband had heart bypass followed 2 weeks later by major stroke. He made a good recovery over time but health slowly declined. Past year was bedridden and I cared for him along with carers. My role has disappeared so my life has completely changed. I have in time to find ‘me’ again.
My sister told me not to cry, she had cancer. But I do. My brother had just been diagnosed with bone cancer. He died unexpectedly. And my husband also. It hurts being a New Year. I read comments here and no others are experiencing this depth of sorrow. A common bond like no other. Thank u.

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