Happy new year ......

Last year I stayed up to see the new year in alone because Rob was working nights . What good has that done me … we all very shortly entered into a world pandemic, we lost friends and family to this awful virus, then my world was absolutely shattered on 1st September when my Rob was savagely taken from us, after having time off work to get my head together and sort things out I returned to work , due to the pandemic we were working flat out with very little time off ,doubling back on shifts etc.
So this year I didn’t stay up to see the new year in or the old one out just for the simple reason I just can’t be bothered this year . I always feel quite excited about entering into a new year with new beginnings and plans but this year has been so tarnished , and entering into a new year alone isn’t my cup of tea I’m very much a people person so this is so far from my comfort zone

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Tillwemeetagain what we do is what is expected of us we just carry on regardless.
We carry on life without our loved one
We carry on living with the pain
We carry on supporting each other from a distance
We carry on for our families
We carry on to find the strength to carry on
Hope the Christmas and new year was a good as it could be for you sending hugs take care and keep chatting and smile when you can x x x

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