Happy New Year ??

This is the only place I feel I can share my poem as most people think I should have moved on. I’m 2 years on & it’s no easier in fact it’s harder as others have moved on without you.

Happy New Year?

What is there to celebrate?
There’s no reason to stay up late
It’s just another year without you here.

But I’ve lots to look forward to
And I’ll never really be without you
More memories to make & hold dear.

So I will do it all over again
As our love it will always remain
You’ll be with me as my life carries on.

Though my heart will always ache
For the memories we yet had to make
But I’ll make you proud My Derek My one.

Happy New Year Baby Doll
Your Jo Baby :heart:xxx


Aw that is Lovely! The pain will become less intense. (3 yrs for me) but it never goes away. So sorry for your loss xx


Beautiful x

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