Hard day/night

Never felt so alone than I do tonight im struggling big style.
All I want is for one more night one more drink and a laugh. But it’s not going to happen. He /they gone .this year has been such a rollacost. And I honestly with I was on that rollacost that goes wrong…


It’s an awful feeling when you are lonely, the days and nights seem so much longer and now the dark nights are here it only makes the situation even harder.
Just wanted to let you know I read your post and sending you a hug to try and ease some of that sadness you are experiencing
Jen x


Hello Andrea
You are not alone I feel your pain and I hear hear your grief I see your loss I am so sorry and Im sending you much love aplways here to listen and talk xxx

hi Andrea like kim emiily says you are not alone .all on here fell pain but we can share our pain together you hang in there .you keep safe and god bless you .PS keep your chin upTONY

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